Monday, November 19, 2012

What Are 5 Simple Pleasures You Are Thankful For?

As most of you know, it is Thanksgiving in the United States this week, a great time to reflect on our many blessings. Most of us are thankful for the things that are most important to us, such as our family, our health, our home,etc. However, I want to know what some of the simple things are you are thankful for, maybe a certain treat you reward yourself with at the end of a long day, a scent you love, or a place that always seems to lift your spirit. Please send me around 5 of your simplest pleasures if you'd like and by the end of the week I'll put a list together and share my favorite responses on here with everyone! You can email responses to with "Simple Pleasures" as the subject. Please share this with anyone you think might be interested in participating. Hopefully we can remind each other of all of the little things in which we can find joy. I can't wait to get your responses!


  1. Just ending each day and being thankful that nothing worse happened than whatever did happen during that day (repeated five times!)

    1. Way to look on the bright side:)

    2. 1. A breakthrough in a poem I've been struggling with.
      2. Remembering someones name at the point of greeting.
      3. Riding my bike home from my night job in the early morning.
      4. The phone rings and it's someone in my family far away just wanting to say hello.
      5. The joy of immersing myself in a brilliant book.

      Oh do read Sei Shonagon's "The Pillow Book" - Penguin Classics...! The simple luxuries and pleasures, listed by a Japanese Court lady in 10th Century Japan.

  2. 1. The morning coffee
    2. The tingling in my chest when I look at the love of my life
    3. That our cat is back again
    4. A sunny day and the ability to enjoy it with all of my senses
    5. That everything is just as it is supposed to be

  3. 1. Owning a reliable car
    2. Being able to go to the grocery store and get the food I want
    3. Having a day job in this economy!
    4. Having the finances to sponsor a child in Zambia
    5. Making new friends every day through blogger, twitter, etc. :-D

  4. 1. Hot coffee on a cold, snowy morning
    2. Fresh garden vegetables (preparing and eating)
    3. Watching 2 people reconcile their differences with a handshake or hug
    4. Smell of a bonfire on a crisp, fall evening
    5. Hearing the laughter of a small child