Sunday, September 23, 2012

6 Brilliant Songs with Fire/Burning Analogies

1) Ashes and Wine-A Fine Frenzy

"Is there a chance?
A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel?
A reason to fight?
Is there a chance you may change your mind?
Or are we ashes and wine?"

2) A Lifetime Burning-One Less Reason

"‘Cause I don’t believe I failed you
Are your lies still coming true?
Do you still think the better days are gone?
‘Cause after all the things we’ve been through
Years so hard to lose
Give me a life of half love, half hope, half true
Or a lifetime burning with you"

3) Come Wake Me Up-Rascal Flatts

"Tonight your memory burns like a fire
With every one it grows higher and higher
And I can't get over it, I just can't put out this love
I just sit in these flames and pray that you'll come back
Close my eyes tightly, hold on and hope that I'm dreaming
 Come wake me up"

4) Stars-Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

"I lit a fire with the love you left behind
And it burned wild and crept up the mountainside
I followed your ashes into outer space
I can’t look out the window, I can’t look at this place.
I can’t look at the stars
They make me wonder where you are
Stars, up on heaven’s boulevard
And if I know you at all, I know you’ve gone too far
So I, I can’t look at the stars."

5) Slow Dancing in a Burning Room-John Mayer

"We're going down
And you can see it too
We're going down
And you know that we're doomed
My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room"

6) Set Fire to the Rain-Adele

"But there's a side to you that I never knew, never knew
All the things you'd say, they were never true, never true
And the games you play, you would always win, always win
But I set fire to the rain
Watched it pour as I touched your face
Let it burn while I cry
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name"


  1. These are some great songs. You inspired me to post a 3-song playlist that I call Burning Sensations.

  2. Thanks...this post is very helpful and informative..i really enjoyed this post.

    Brilliant Fires

  3. Thanks...this post is very informative and helpful for all readers...i really enjoyed this post.

    Brilliant Fires