Wednesday, December 5, 2012

50 Simple Holiday Pleasures!

1. Sitting by a warm fire
2. Picking out the perfect Christmas tree
3. Watching favorite Christmas shows
4. The smell of fresh pine
5. Baking holiday treats
6. Kissing someone under the mistletoe
7. The first snowfall of the year
8. Sipping hot chocolate
9. Listening to favorite Christmas music
10. Lighting candles
11. Christmas lights
12. Seeing family and friends you miss
13. Watching children get excited about Santa
14. Buying gifts for loved ones
15. Eating Christmas candy
16. Giving to those less fortunate
17. Singing Christmas songs
18. Making snow angels
19. Reminiscing about past holiday seasons
20. Ugly sweater parties
21. Eggnog
22. Putting up decorations
23. Playing board/card games with the family
24. Surprise presents
25. The sound of bells
26. Sleigh rides
27. Christmas stockings
28. Hugs
29. Making new memories
30. Streets and houses being lit up
31. Making holiday cocktails
32. Getting out the special holiday dishes
33. Going to Christmas mass
34. Funny drunk relatives
35. Dressing up for holiday parties
36. Getting Christmas cards
37. Counting down on New Year's Eve
38. An excuse to wear glitter
39. The smell of delicious food baking
40. Eating Christmas dinner
41. Snuggling with someone you love
42. Watching children open presents
43. The crisp cold air
44. Wearing scarves and gloves
45. Wrapping gifts
46. Feeling the magic of the season
47. Ice skating
48. Baked ham
49. Being too excited to sleep
50. Seeing the joy it brings out in people


  1. This list is so beautiful and lovely. These are so sweet to read, love how grateful and thoughtful you are :-) I enjoy reading your blog!! Definitely following you from now on :-)

    XO Jenna